Berwick’s Best Raw Timber Suppliers

Raw Timber Berwick

Full of life, character and extremely durable the recycled and reclaimed timber sourced by Sustainable Flooring is made to last and can transform the look and feel of property interiors throughout Melbourne’s metro area.

For over 10 years the team at Sustainable Flooring have supplied domestic and commercial customers with superior timber materials perfect for renovation or construction projects. With our extensive range of raw timber Berwick homeowners and builders can have access to premium cuts of timber and for an affordable price.

Trust Sustainable Flooring for Cost-Effective Recycled Hardwood

Recycled Hardwood Berwick

Custom cut to suit the dimensions of your floor Sustainable Flooring proudly offers the best recycled hardwood Berwick locals have ever seen. Rescued by our team from buildings in the process of being demolished or renovated all of our hardwood timber planks have been metal detected, ensuring that any nails are located and removed. In this metal-free condition our timber materials can be machine worked with confidence and safety.

One of our continually in-stock species of timber is roof timber made from Oregon wood. Light and resilient Oregon roof timber stands out when repurposed as indoor and outdoor tables. Easy to move and stylish Oregon roof timber is the perfect addition to your property.

Complete Your Construction with our Timber Battens

Timber Battens Berwick

Renowned for supplying the best recycled timber materials and products to Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond the team at Sustainable Flooring stand out as the leading reclaimed and recycled timber supplier in Australia today.

Along with our raw timber and timber flooring options we can also supply the durable timber battens Berwick builders can use during construction. Inspected by our expert team, all of our recycled timber is of the highest standard and has all the strengths of freshly-cut timber. To find out more about our extensive range of native and international reclaimed timber species call us on 0403 667 163.

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